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Nine Year Old Alessandra Teaches IP Man style Wing Chun Kung Fu Sil Lim Tao slow enough so that everyone can follow along and learn the important techniques.
In the video below Sifu Samuel Kwok will demonstrate for us the power of a wing chun punch. The power as you will see comes from only a short distance and relies heavily on power coming straight up from the legs...........
One of the most basic Wing Chun Kung Fu things to protect yourself against any opponent is having your feet under you. If you don't, you already lost before the fight begun.
Wing Chun Online is exciting to learn. Even it the moves are basic because every Wing Chun Kung Fu Puch and block is powerful. In the video below Alessandra will teach some Defensive and offensive Wing Chun moves and Wing Chun Techniques anyone can use - either female or male.
In this video Alessandra will show you some very basic Wing Chun Techniques on how to prevent/block a choke, shoulder grab and a shirt grab....
The Wing Chun Kung Fu Lop Sau is an extremely affective Wing Chun Lesson if you want to learn some Wing Chun Online. Have a peak at this short video to see...........
Wing Chun Kung Fu Blocks That Stop Heavy Punches are displayed by 8 year old Alessandra who is an awesome teacher.
One of the most important Wing Chun Techniques is feeling communication and controlling energy with the Bong Sao Technique. This is a much higher level of Wing Chun Kung Fu than most masters use.............
Wing Chun dummies for sale are very costly. But there are some ways around dropping a thousand dollars or more.
There are some awesome wing chun Kung fu movies available to watch right now - let me share some of my favorites with you!

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Wing Chun Kung FuAre you interested in Wing Chun Kung Fu? If so then you join the millions of followers of the centuries-old martial art practice.

According to legend, Wing Chun Kung Fu was first practiced in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and was created by a Buddhist nun named Ng Mui. The technique was based on her observations of a confrontation between a snake and a crane. The art was taught by the nun to Yim Wing-Chun for whom the art was later named.

Throughout the years, Wing Chun techniques have changed a bit; however, the art remains the same. This Chinese martial art is a form of self defense that utilizes both striking and grappling while specializing in close range combat.

The famous Bruce Lee was trained extensively in Wing Chun Kung Fu, which is reason for much of the art’s popularity today. The straight punch is the defining technique that sets Wing Chun Fung Fu apart from all of the other fighting styles.

The Wing Chun punch uses a vertical fist, meaning that the knuckles are aligned vertically with the body. The form of the punch enables it to stay straight but it poses a problem because it goes against what we are naturally inclined to do, which is to punch with a horizontal punch. Horizontal punches are seen in boxing and fighting. While it may take some time to grow accustomed to it, the good news is that you can acquire this skill with a little bit resolve and a lot of practice.

The practice of Wing Chun Kung Fu is a good art to pursue. Not only will it train you to have an invisible punch should a matter arise that places you in need self defense, it is also a great workout for your overall physique.